Episode 9 – Stuck Inside

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Tim has undertaken this brave odyssey in the hopes of better illuminating why no women want to come on the show. All Tim wants is a bunch or woman to sit around and talk shop. He wants to know about salary disparities and sexual harassment in the workplace and wages.

“I dare you all to come forward,” he says. “You can pick the subject I can even change your voice.”

The problem is, in Tim’s view, is that that political correctness has gone completely overboard. Everyone has a chip on their shoulder and everyone is looking for everyone else to say sorry and pay for sins of the past. On top of it that employers had to lower their employment criteria so people of any race and gender can apply even if there skills are not the same. No longer do you have to be good at what you do.

How ridiculous is this fact, Tim argues. Dalhousie University recently started their emplojment equality standard practice by stating there is a need to hire minorities. For Tim, it should Just be the best person. The right attitude. The right skills.

Tim has a friend who is a young pilot. He’s white with lots of hours in the air and a perfect record. He was recently turned down for a job with a major airline badly in need of pilots. What he was told in so many words is that he is the wrong sex and wrong colour.

“Is that not  discrimination?” Tim asks. “Have we not created more discrimination because we don’t want any discrimination?”


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