Is Salesforce really worth 20k a month? | Season 4 Episode 5

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I love young entrepreneurs.  They inspire me.  I started my business when I was young.  But I made a ton of mistakes along the way.  It took my a long time to become a success.  That’s why I’m so impressed when I meet a young person who is already a success.  That’s why I wanted to invite Michael Morozov onto the show this week.  Michael founded his company when he was still in University.  By his second year he was making over six figures.  Now his business Aurum Property Care is one of the largest window cleaning companies in North America.

In this episode Michael and I talk about how he managed that explosive growth.  He reveals why he had to design his own software system to manage all the moving parts of his buisness.  That investment cost nearly $500 thousand.  Eventually his company outgrew that system.  So he decided to move to Salesforce instead.   That decision wasn’t easy.  And it wasn’t cheap.  So was switching to Salesforce worth the expense?  Find out more!