Episode 7 – Cooking the brown carrot

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In today’s episode Tim is joined by Dylan, Stadia’s salesman extraordinaire. The pair are accompanied by their significant others and the conversation takes place at Tim’s place in Barrie. Drinks are drunk and tales are spun. Dylan has been with the company for a little over two years but Tim waste’s little time asking the important questions.

“Who’s your favourite customer?” He asks.

Dylan is taken aback by that question so Tim pivots and asks instead what Dylan’s favourite building is. It doesn’t take Dylan long to answer First Canadian Place or the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Both offer great shopping and even better bathrooms – which are extremely important for a salesman on the go.

“Top of the line washrooms,” Dylan says.

Tim is immediately interested in this line of conversation having visited every public washroom in the GTA over the last 30 years. Tim excitedly describes Crown Property Management’s bathrooms near the airport which have alcohol wipes that can be used to wipe down the seat prior to use. The pair then debate which building has the best washrooms in the downtown core. For the longest time Tim used Atrium on the Bay because for years the loading dock manager would let him use the second floor washrooms. (This was before the age of the security guard, of course).

“But seriously who is your favourite customer?” Tim asks again.

Dylan stumbles again over that question so Tim asks instead who Dylan hates to work with. Being the professional that he is Dylan declines to name names – much to Tim’s chagrin. But was willing to say that certain prestige properties in the downtown core that don’t give vendors a fair shot. Being told that your quote is too expensive is not very helpful. Especially when the property manager won’t tell you how much they’d like to spend. It becomes a ridiculous guessing game that no one can win. Except for the vendor the property manager wanted to pick in the first place.

“Before you even walk into the building they know who they are giving the work too,” Dylan says. “And they know how much they want to spend.”

After commiserating about the annoying habits of the industry the conversation drifts into politics.

“I don’t like to talk about politics.” Dylan says emphatically.

Undeterred Tim ploughs forward with a discussion about the evils of Kathleen Wynne’s recent increase of the minimum wage. Adversity creates ingenuity he argues. By giving people a hand up they are only going to squander that opportunity, he says.

Tim and Dylan wrap up their chat by talking about how they both want to get the CN Tower back as a client.

“There are certain buildings that you just want to do work for,” he says.

Dylan is Stadia’s downtown rep and he can be reached at 647-524-6324 or at dgosine@stadia.ca


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