S02E11 – The Battle of the Sexes

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I always start the show by saying this is your Wednesday night drive home. But tonight that’s particularly accurate. My niece Alex Byrne and I recorded this week’s episode during an interminable four hour post-thanksgiving drive. We’ve edited this episode down to just the most offensive bits so I hope you enjoy it!

We start the episode by discussing the big controversy of the day. The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle had just concluded at the time of this recording. Alex took a somewhat dim view of the accusers. “I felt like there was a lot of hearsay,” she said. I personally think that when someone comes out as an accuser at the height of someone’s career it’s pretty suspect.

Alex and I then started to talk about the state of the family courts, something both of us have had way too much experience with. Family law is way out of date, in my opinion. Back when my Mom divorced my Dad her biggest fear was how she was going to live. Now that’s completely flipped. It’s especially bad if you’re a business owner because the courts tend to just make up what your net worth is.

I really liked this episode even if Alex needs to work on her conversational abilities. (She’d dispute that.) Recording an interview while driving with a microphone in my hand may not be the safest thing I’ve ever done. But it worked out in the end!