S02E10 – Hotel Confidential – Cut costs while travelling for business

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Hotels are strange places.  They insist on providing all the comforts of home but everything is a little…off.  Tiny shampoo bottles, tiny bottles of booze in tiny refrigerators. If your job is anything like mine you’ve probably spent way too much in time in those weird little rooms.  After a while they start to feel more like prison cells than a home away from home. That’s why it’s so enraging when you get slapped with a huge bill after a lengthy stay. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

That’s why I invited some experts on all things hotel on the show this week.  Sara Pezza and Eric Barber both work sales for Realstar Hospitality.  The company operates several hotel chains including Days Inn.  What does a salesperson do at a hotel company, you ask?  They get people into those rooms that what! In Sara and Eric’s case that means working with businesses that need a lot of rooms for a long time.  That means oil, paving and construction companies.

Eric and Sara deliver the straight goods when it comes to getting a real deal at a hotel.  They reveal that most of the online resale companies are owned by Expedia.  These so called “white label” sites look like different companies but almost always they are being operated by the online travel giant.  The best way to get a dea? Call the actual hotel that you want to stay at. This is especially important if you’re looking for a lot of rooms for your crew.  Hotels are more willing to negotiate price than you might think. According to Eric a hotel is much more interested in getting someone into that room.  The alternative is that they are going to lose that business to the competition.  So don’t be afraid to negotiate!