S02E06 – Kicked to the Curb and Still Naked

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In the second part of Tim’s visit to the good folks at Curb Signs he takes questions from a thoroughly overwhelmed audience.  Tim’s truth bombs had left the group somewhat shaken but they were still in good spirits when the first brave member of the audience raised his hand.  

“What do you do if you have a client that obviously doesn’t like you,” they ask.  Tim loves this question because it’s one of the most common problems a salesperson has to deal with.  Tim refers to the book The Speed of Trust which he loves because it speaks directly to this issue.  People will not like. There’s no fixing it. Period. The best thing to do?  Phone your competitor and give them a heads up that there is some business for them at this company.  Your competitor will be flabbergasted but Tim believes strongly that you need to do as well with your competitors as you do with your clients.  The most important asset you have as a business is the level of trust you have in the industry.

The next question is about branding.  Years ago Tim advocated that Stadia change all their branding to pink.  They drive Pink trucks and wear pink camo shirts. Tim did this for a couple of reasons.  The first is that the colour stands out. But more importantly it makes Stadia’s workers more vulnerable in front of their clients.  Building intimacy with your clients is really hard and Tim believes the pink shirts are a simple way of doing that.

The one lesson Tim really wanted to impart to the crew at Curb Signs is that becoming a great salesperson is a lot like working out.  To get results you have to be consistent everyday. You have to setup a process that includes cold calls, appointments and social functions.  Set daily goals that will become a daily routine that will end up making shitpile of money for everyone!