S02E16 – The Day After The Election

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Faith Goldy was easily the most controversial candidate in the 2018 Toronto Municipal election.  So it came as a considerable shock when she came in third.  That only meant she got 25 thousand votes.  But it was more than was expected for the alt-right firebrand who has garnered a ton of negative press.  I decided to invite her back on the show to interrogate some of her more contentious ideas.

We debate her views on Islam, immigration and her tendency to use apocalyptic language.  We talked about the chaos of the Trump administration – something that I thinks turns off most voters.  In the end I think Faith’s highly-charged negative worldview is going to doom her chances of going mainstream.

But I’m glad I had her on because her views are gaining more and more traction around the world.  It’s important for everyone to hear what she has to say in order to form their own opinion of her and the alt-right.