S02E04 – Two Girls and a Dog of Facilities

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Tim is outnumbered in this week’s episode.  He’s invited two superstar young women to join him for a conversation about the business of facilities management.  Kat Byrne is a familiar voice to regular listeners of the podcast.  She’s the General Manager of Byrne on Demand and has the far more difficult job of being Tim’s daughter.  Kat is joined by Angelica Levesque, a former Byne employee and now a Senior Project Manager with Promain Exteriors.   

The conversation starts with Tim marvelling at the driving habits of both his guests.  Angelica now has a company car which surprises Tim. “Haven’t both of you nearly lost your licenses?” he asks.  They have and Tim starts to say that men are better drivers than women but then stops himself. “I got stopped in Quebec last weekend going 140 in an 80 zone,” he says.  So that answers that.

Angel has mostly worked for small companies like Byrne and Promain but she does have some limited corporate experience.  A short stint pouring coffee at Tim Horton’s convinced her that there is no creativity working for a big business. Promain works with mostly with Ontario customers who often do business in Western Canada.  Angelica thinks that there isn’t the same kind of urgency in the West as there is in Ontario. Managing customer expectations is a big part of her job. All three agree that working with Canadians is way better than dealing with Americans.  It’s not because they are worse people. They just don’t understand Canada and treat their Northern stores as an afterthought.

Tim quickly becomes bored of this conversation about business and shifts the conversation to a far more interesting topic.  “Did you know that 47% of employees masterbate in the office?” he asks. The girls are astonished by that figure. It disturbing to think about in an office like BOD with 27 employees.  It’s gets far more disturbing when thinking about Promain’s office which has just 3 employees. “I don’t want to think about this,” Angelica says.