S03E11 – The labour shortage is your fault

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OK, it’s not your fault specifically. But for all the talk about the labour shortage not enough of us are talking about how to fix it.

The way that I retain staff is simple. Don’t build a path where you want people to go. Build a path where people are already walking. We have maximum flex hours to let people work when they want. You can bring your dogs or kids to the office. Music is allowed and people are encouraged to play. People need to pick us as an employer before we pick them as an employee!

I’m joined this week by Julie Kwiecinski from the CFIB to talk about how employers can fix the work shortage.

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S03E10 – Unions, Carbon Tax and Lack of Labour

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I always get into trouble when I talk about politics. But this week I just couldn’t resist. There are big changes afoot in Canadian politics that I just had to comment on.

I invited Julie Kwiecinski, the Director of Provincial Affairs, Ontario at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business onto the show this week.

The new Ontario government is changing the way municipalities contract construction companies making it easier for non-union companies to get work. We talk about why that’s a good change for businesses like Stadia.

We also debate the effectiveness of a carbon tax. I argue that it’s manufactures not consumers that should have to bear the brunt of reducing our carbon footprint. Not everyone is going to like this conversation but it is going to get you thinking!