Why insurance companies are like the mob | Season 4 Episode 7

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I know what you’re thinking.  Today’s title makes it sound like I’m going to be talking smack about the insurance industry.  Well, let me assure you.  I am.  Well, not exactly. 

You see when I was talking with Michael Morozov recently.  Michael owns Aurum Window Washing .  We started talking about using insurance companies in creative ways.  He revealed he insures all his bad debt with a French insurance giant.  He let’s them worry about any clients that have flaked on their invoices.  Its such a better use of his time.  Instead of chasing people around to pay their bills he lets one of the biggest insurance companies in the world take care of it.  And when people hear that a huge multinational owns their debt – they’re going to be much more likely to pay.

I love making the system work for my business!  I think you’ll get a lot out of this episode!