How to win the business popularity contest | Ephram Spiegelman from Enercare Connections

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It’s hard to make an impression these days.  Everyone is overwhelmed with information. That makes it really difficult for a company to break through all the clutter.  The question is how do you do that in a Google world? I’ll tell you what won’t work: talking about price. In almost every industry competitors prices are really close to one another.  It doesn’t mean anything anymore. To break through you have to make real connections with your customers. That means working late, following up with phone calls and taking as many meeting as you possibly can.  It’s a popularity contest so you have to be ready to turn on the charm

I’m joined today by Ephraim Spigelman, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Enercare Connections.  Enercare is the largest non-utility provider of sub-meter electricity in the country.  He joins me to talk about how to distinguish yourself in a cluttered world.