Coworking is the future of office space | Season 4 Episode 21

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Change is the only thing you know for certain in business.  Everything is constantly shifting and you have to be keenly aware of those changes if you’re going to succeed.  Take office space for example. For decades we have been installing glass in some of the biggest offices in the country.  But that industry is in the midst of some serious disruption. The rise of the gig economy means there’s are literally hundreds of thousands of people who need office space.  It would be way too expensive for each person to rent on their own. That’s where co-working comes in. These ad hoc office spaces are now in every major city on the planet. And they are making things very uncomfortable for traditional management companies. 

My guest this week is Dale Hersowitz the VP of coworking for Yardi.  They are one of the biggest software companies for property managers and are making big waves in the coworking space.  Things are always changing but that doesn’t mean you have to be left behind!