S03E24 – The Oracle Speaks with John Mollenhauer

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When John Mollenhauer speaks, I listen.  And so should you.  John has been working in the Toronto construction industry for decades.  Since becoming CEO of the Toronto Construction Association 13 years ago he has become something of an oracle.  I invited him back on the show this week to hear his thoughts on the state of the economy.  I boldly predicted earlier this year that we were headed for a recession.   That hasn’t happened yet and John tells me why.  We also talk about:

  • The state of the Canadian and US construction industries
  • Why gold is topping $1400 an ounce
  • Whether Trump and Trudeau will get re-elected
  • Why construction companies are so terrified of new technology


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S02E15 – Close Canada Post FOREVER!

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Tim is joined by Anthony Vinzi to talk about a bunch of things affecting Canadians this week.  Canada Post is in the midst of a rotating strike across the country.  This raises the question:  What’s the point of Canada Post anyway?  Our heroes talk about why small business needs to get ready for a recession.  And the pair savage Trudeau’s plan to allow the census to access your tax records.